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I hope you are enjoying your summer.  I am especially enjoying this summer as I am busy creating new artwork for two large art shows that will be in the fall of 2019.

At present, I thought I would let you know that some of my artwork can be seen at Arts of the Albemarle, Portsmouth Art and Cultural Center Gallery Shop, Ocean Art, and Utopia Feni Art Studio (addresses are listed below).

These pieces are at Elizabeth City's North Carolina Arts of the Albemarle Gallery.

6fda43e0-5bfc-42f4-ae26-23c37dccb4f5.jpga9761519-8b2e-4a4e-8083-230736859e52.jpg      6372dee0-3284-4281-8ccd-9fe0b178b044.jpg


a9761519-8b2e-4a4e-8083-230736859e52.jpgAt Portsmouth Art and Cultural Center Gallery Shop, my work currently focuses upon my love of the beach and the outdoors.

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98aa8a10-131c-4e9d-9f91-9288ce6df857.jpg      f01c3b5f-cbee-4e11-ae78-7e86cd301800.jpg
This artwork is
presently at Ocean Art.

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Also, my artwork entitled "patience" in current at Utopia Feni Art Studio.

Here are the addresses for the galleries for my artwork that are shown above:
  • Arts of the Albemarle, 516 East Main Street, Elizabeth City, NC
  • Portsmouth Art & Cultural Center Gallery Shop, 420 High Street, Portsmouth, VA
  • Ocean Art, Inc, 1628 Laskin Rd, #716, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Utopia Feni Art Studio, 1314 Kempsville Rd, Virginia Beach, VA

This summer I was pleased to receive the Third Place Award
in Acrylics at Norfolk's PrimePlus Art Show for my artwork
entitled "quackers."


My website is: www.janaart.net 
My Facebook Page is: Jan Pearson Fine Art

Thank you for taking a look,
and please let me know what you think!

Best Always, 
Jan Pearson


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