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I am honored that Dallas Jeffs, Editor of Artist Run Website, recently wrote the following article about my artwork, and I would like to share it with you:


"Delicate Naturalist Paintings by Jan Pearson"





"Jan Pearson grew up on a farm in Missouri, where she was exposed to nature in a variety of forms. These experiences now influence her delicate naturalist paintings, where the artist explores abstraction and figurative painting."





"Jan tends to paint in a very loose, expressive style that depicts the light and shadow of a space as much as it does objects and figures. In many cases her works verge on abstraction, with figures blending and melting into similarly-colored backgrounds. This equal focus on foreground and background gives Jan’s paintings a softness that carries through whether she’s painting portrait of wild horses or a house cat."





"...the artist experiments not only with subject matter, but with media as well. Jan still holds true to this, showing off a talent for selecting the perfect medium for a given subject, like thin watercolors for ethereal floral works, or textured acrylic and mixed media for dynamic portraits." 





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